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Notary Attestation

Notary attestation is compulsory to prove the originality of the personal documents while travelling overseas.
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Notary Attestation

Notary attestation is done for personal documents like birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, power of attorney, legal heirship, affidavit, divorce certificate etc has to be attested for verification. Attestation of personal documents required when you apply for residence visa, visa for your spouse, educational and employment.

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Procedure of Notary Attestation

The main process involved in the Notary Attestation process are:

  • Notary Attestation: Notary attestation is required for verifying personal documents. Notary attestation has to be done from Notary of the respective state from where the document was issued. After the notary attestation, it has to be attested from the concerned state home department.
  • MEA Attestation: After the notary attestation, the documents are to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs. If the country you are travelling to is a Hague member country, then you have to do the MEA Apostille attestation. Normal MEA attestation is done for non-Hague member countries.
  • Embassy Attestation: After MEA attestation, Embassy attestation is required to go abroad. However, embassy attestation is not required for Hague member countries.
  • MOFA AttestationMOFA attestation is done once you reach your destination country.

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