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Philippines Authentication

We accept documents from individuals or their representatives to provide quick and 100% genuine attestation/apostille services.
Attestation Point

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) / Red Ribbon & Embassy Authentication Services

“DFA Authentication / Apostille/ Red Ribbon & Embassy Authentication Services” We accept documents from individuals or their representatives to provide quick and 100% genuine attestation/apostille services.
Attestation Point

Why Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)/Red Ribbon Authentication is Required ?

Attested document by Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)/Apostille formerly known as Red Ribbon eliminates all worries regarding the genuineness of the documentation and eases the process of your international travel for:

  •  Work Permit
  •  Higher Education
  •  Setup Company outside jurisdiction of
  •  Legal Requirement
  •  Changes in Passport

Authenticated Document(s) by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)/Apostille formerly known as Red Ribbon assure that the copy of an original document is a true copy and can be used for any concerns related to JOB in abroad,Higher Education, any Business formalities in abroad or any personal documents belongs to any individual like Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificates etc.

Any individual/business entity or their representatives are planning to go abroad for related to JOB, Higher Education or related to Business needs, the individual’s/Business entities original documents need to be authenticated by Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)/Apostille formerly known as Red Ribbon

We Attestation Point Provides End-to-End services for Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)/Apostille which formerly known as Red Ribbon Authentication, we assure you with 100% Fast & Genuine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)/Apostille you can call us at +63 939-339-5217 (Smart) / +63 966-301-5077 (Globe) for documents authentication services.

Attestation Point

List of document(s) which should be authenticated by Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)/Apostille formerly known as Red Ribbon

1.       NBI Clearance/Sundry12.    Special Power of Attorney/Memorandum of Agreement Memorandum of Understanding/ any other form of Contract, Affidavit of Consent/Advice, Joint Affidavit, etc.
2.       Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate, Certificate of  No Marriage Record13.   Court Document(s) (Decision, Resolution/Order)
3.       Elementary and High School Level (Form-137 and Diploma)14.   Immigration Record(s)
4.       Technical and Vocational Courses (TOR and Diploma/National Certificate)15.   DSWD Clearance
5.       State Colleges and Universities (TOR and Diploma)16.   Police Clearance/Sundry
6.       Private/Local Colleges and Universities (TOR and Diploma)17.   Business Registration and Other Documents issued by a Government Agency (e.g. SEC, DTI, BIR, SSS, Municipal Business Permit & Licensing Office, etc.)
7.       Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) document(s)18.   Barangay Clearance/Certificate
8.       Medical Certificate(s)19.   Certificate of Employment/ Trainings/ Seminars/ Baptismal Certificates and other documents issued by a private entity
9.       Civil Aviation Authority (CAAP) issued document(s)20.  Driver’s License
11.     Export Document(s)

After the Authentication done by Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) formerly known as Red Ribbon, the same documents will be eligible for Embassy Authentication from the various Embassies located in Philippines.

Attestation Point

List of Embassies in Philippines for Embassy Attestation:

1.      Qatar Embassy Authentication 

2.      UAE Embassy Authentication 

3.      Indonesia Embassy Authentication 

4.      Kuwait Embassy Authentication 

5.      Oman Embassy Authentication 

6.      China Embassy Authentication 

7.      Sudan Embassy Authentication 

8.      Bangladesh Embassy Authentication 

9.      Nigeria Embassy Authentication 

10.   Ecuador Embassy Authentication 

11.   Russia Embassy Authentication 

12.   Panama Embassy Authentication 

13.   Tunisia Embassy Authentication 

14.   Thailand Embassy Authentication 

15.   Taiwan Embassy Authentication 

16.   Morocco Embassy Authentication 

17.   Philippines Embassy Authentication 

18.   Guatemala Embassy Authentication 

19.   Egypt Embassy Authentication 

20.   Vietnam Embassy Authentication 

21.   Lebanon Embassy Authentication 

22.   Bahrain Embassy Authentication 

23.   Angola embassy Authentication 

24.   Saudi Embassy Authentication 

25.   Malaysia Embassy Authentication 

26.   Libya Embassy Authentication 

27.   Ethiopia Embassy Authentication 

28.   Syria Embassy Authentication 

29.   Iraq Embassy Authentication 

30.   Yemen Embassy Authentication 

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