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Haryana HRD Attestation Unveiled: A Comprehensive Overview

Haryana HRD Attestation

Human Resource Development (HRD) attestation is a process in which HRD attest or verifies Educational Certificate(s) issued by State Universities/ School Boards and UGC/AICTE-recognized private institutes. Educational documents are verified by the concerned state government of Haryana. Haryana HRD Department verifies the legitimacy of educational certificates. Haryana HRD attestation is possible for documents such as degrees, diplomas, transcripts, Haryana State Board or C.B.S.E

HRD Attestation from Haryana

  1. Haryana HRD attestation ensures that your educational certificates are authenticated & genuine and easily accepted by authorities i.e. Universities/Employers and other departments outside India. Without attestation from the Haryana HRD Department, your documents may not be considered valid in a foreign country.
  2. As a part of the Employment/Student/Family Visa process, it is necessary for individuals looking for employment/higher studies in foreign countries that their employers/universities often demand their educational documents should be authenticated by Indian authorities. For getting attestation from Indian authorities on educational documents issued from Haryana, HRD attestation from Haryana is mandatory.

Haryana HRD Attestation Process in India

The Haryana HRD attestation process is usually carried out at the state level. Below are the steps involved in getting Haryana HRD attestation:

  1. Document Verification: First ensure that your educational certificates are original/genuine and have been issued by a University/ Haryana State Board or UGC/AICTE recognized institutes.
  2. Haryana HRD Attestation: The original certificate will be submitted to the respective Haryana HRD department for attestation along with proper documentation as required by the Haryana HRD department. After submission, the documents will be verified, and if found genuine, the HRD officer will attest to the Original certificate.

Applicant self-presence is mandatory for submission of Educational documents to the Haryana HRD department if an applicant is unable to visit UP HRD Attestation Department then do not panic Attestation point provides attestation from the Haryana HRD department hassle-free and within the committed time frame.

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