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Step-by-Step Guide for Bahrain Embassy Attestation Documents in India in 2024

Bahrain Embassy Attestation In India

Documents attestation is therefore essential if you are planning to work, studying or moving to Bahrain in the process of your planning. Document attestation is a verification process that allows your documents to be recognized by the authorities in Bahrain as genuine. This guide contains all the necessary information on Bahrain Embassy attestation in India including the list of documents needed, the procedure to follow, time taken, cost and useful tips.

Profile of the Bahrain Embassy and the Attestation Services

The attestation process of the Bahrain Embassy includes several processes for the validation of the Indian documents. For various reasons such as educational certificates, personal certificate and for any commercial document, it will be necessary to do this procedure. The attestation asserts the legitimacy of the document and its validation by the relevant Indian authorities. The general process includes:

  • Verification by local authorities.
  • And the last, but not the least is the authentication by the concerned State Home Department or Human Resource Department (HRD).
  • Getting an attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India.
  • Get final attestation from the Bahrain Embassy or Consulate in India.

List of documents for Bahrain Embassy attestation in India

When attesting a document, certain documents are required depending with the form of the particular document that is being attested. Here’s a list of commonly required documents for different categories:

Educational Documents

  • An original degree or diploma certificate
  • Marksheets
  • Original admission letter from the university or institution
  • Copy of the passport of the applicant

Personal Documents

  • Original birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • A photocopy of a passport of the applicant

Commercial Documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Commercial invoices
  • Power of Attorney
  • A copy of the specific company’s representative’s passport

Bahrain Embassy Attestation Process/Procedure Requirements

Step 1: Local Verification

  • Educational Documents: Get confirmation from the issuing education institution and corresponding State Human Resource Development.
  • Personal Documents: Have the Documents attested by the local notary public and the concerned State Home Department.
  • Commercial Documents: Ensure to validate the documents through the chamber of commerce.

Step 2: It is a document registered and attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Take the verified documents to MEA in order for them to authenticate the documents. The MEA attestation serves to verify that the documents have been reviewed and are authentic.

Step 3: Official authentication by the Bahrain Embassy or Consulate

After the MEA attestation, the documents are forwarded for attestations to the Bahrain Embassy or Consulate in India. This step involves attestation of the documents to be used in Bahrain.

Step 4: Risks associated with the collection of Attached Documents

When you complete the Bahrain Embassy attestation, gather all your documents. They are now available for use within Bahrain for legal and formal activities.

Attestation of Documents from Bahrain Embassy: Fees and Duration


  • Local Verification: One to two weeks (depends on the state and the type of document).
  • MEA Attestation: Available in 3-5 working days.
  • Bahrain Embassy Attestation: This will take 5-7 working days.


Fees for attestation services may depend on the nature of the document to be attested and the services offered by the attestation agencies. General cost breakdown:

  • Local Verification: Depends with the particular institution and the state it is located in.
  • MEA Attestation: Almost in proportion to the document.
  • Bahrain Embassy Attestation: It may vary, usually depending on the document and the service provided.

How to Get Bahrain Embassy Attestation Service in India

  • Early Preparation: It is wise to begin the attestation process early enough to prevent any last minute hindrances.
  • Professional Assistance: To save time and avoid mistakes, you should try to enlist the help of professional services for attestation.
  • Document Checklist: Make a list of all the documents that may be needed to facilitate the process so that there will be no oversight.
  • Verify Requirements: It is recommended to look up the attestation requirements for the desired document at the official Bahrain Embassy website or by contacting a trustworthy attestation service.
  • Follow Up: Pursue the respective authorities and service providers more often in order to check on the progress of your document attestation.
  • Keep Copies: It is wise to keep with you photocopies of the original certificates and other attested certificates as well.


It is not an easy task to get Bahrain Embassy attestation in India for the documents in India but if one is aware of the formalities and preparations to be made then it is not a difficult task at all. This is a step by step guide to get a quick and efficient understanding of the attestation process.

Final Words

Validating and attesting your documents is critical to ensuring that your experience of moving to Bahrain to study, work, or pursue any other activity is seamless. By following this guidelines, the documents you carry will be acceptable in Bahrain and this will open way for your activities in the Bahrain.

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