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Embassy Of Italy Attestation In India

Embassy Of Italy Attestation In India

Embassy Of Italy attestation is the final process for Document Attestation after getting the document attested from HRD/ HD/ GAD and MEA on your original documents, the required Embassy attestation could be done from the embassy of Italian where the candidate is about to travel for Work, Education or Business purpose, Attestation can be done on below mentioned documents

  • Educational Documents/Certificate
  • Personal Documents
  • Commercial Documents

issued from your home country. Primary document attestation or authentication or the Embassy attestation have to be done by the country from where the document is issued.

Italian Embassy Attestation / Consulate Attestation Process:

Italian Embassy attestation process is a hectic and time-consuming task. We often find that Embassy attestation procedures are too difficult for a Candidate to handle as well as understand. To ease you with paperwork and tedious procedures, Attestation Point, one of the best certificate attestation place, provides you with the best and hassle-free HRD Attestation, MEA Attestation & Embassy Attestation services. We provide 100% Genuine, Reliable & Fast certificate attestation services like marriage certificate attestation, birth certificate attestation, degree attestation.

Our Attestation services are available in major cities of India like

Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Hyderabad, Maharashtra, and Kerala.

There are lakhs of people who travel abroad for employment/immigration or many more reasons, one of the important things you need to do is Documentation & Document Attestation of Personal, Educational or Commercial Documents. If your documentation is not proper you can face difficulty or rejection to stay in the foreign country on Long term Visa.To legalize the document from the respective department & embassy

  • HRD / HD / GAD or Chamber of Commerce (Insert Hyperlink to Pages )
  • Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
  • Embassy attestation

Document Attestation process has to be strictly followed for getting documents authenticated from these departments to solve the purpose. Document should be first authenticated from respective State/Department, followed by Ministry of external Affairs and then finally respective Embassy will legalize the document.

We offer services of Embassy/ Consulate Attestation for Below Listed Embassies:

Angola Embassy Attestation Malaysia Embassy Attestation Thailand Embassy Attestation
Argentina Embassy Attestation Morocco Embassy Attestation Tunisia Embassy Attestation
Bahrain Embassy Attestation Nigeria Embassy Attestation UAE Embassy Attestation
China Embassy Attestation Oman Embassy Attestation Vietnam Embassy Attestation
Ecuador Embassy Attestation Panama Embassy Attestation Ethiopian Embassy Attestation
Egypt Embassy Attestation Philippines Embassy Attestation Italian Embassy Attestation
Guatemala Embassy Attestation Qatar Embassy Attestation Embassy of Yemen Attestation
Indonesia Embassy Attestation Russia Embassy Attestation Turkey Embassy Attestation
Iraq Embassy Attestation Saudi Arabia Embassy Attestation Embassy of Algeria Attestation
Kuwait Embassy Attestation Sudan Embassy Attestation Sri lanka embassy Attestation
Lebanon Embassy Attestation Taiwan Embassy Attestation Bangladesh embassy Attestation

We attestationpoint.com provide end-to-end services for documents attestation from HRD/HD/GAD/ chamber of commerce , MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and Embassy Attestation services for our clients, we commit best in class services with following 100% legal and genuine document attestation process to get the authentication done from the concerned departments, so that one should not face any hassle in proceeding further document process.

We are having PAN India wider robust service network to deliver the best services to our clients and some of the facilities to make us different from other service providers are

Secure Online Payment Options (Credit/Debit Card/Wallet or Net Banking Payment Modes)

Online Document Process Tracking

Courier Facility along with Pick-up option(restricted)

Transparent & Flexible Fee Structure

10000+ Documents Attested

10+ Years of extensive experience

Best and Qualified Trained staff

Why Choose AttestationPoint.com for Italian Embassy Attestation ?

We are efficient and affordable. We focus on quality of work. We promise you to get your documents attested from any authority and get your work done more efficiently. We are here only to serve our customer as they want. Our main motto is to embellish your dreams.

Attestation Point is a one stop solution when it comes to managing all the documents and Visa related Services. Attestation Point unmatched network across India, high standard customer service and state-of-the art technology, all help in acknowledging, understanding and developing relevant solutions for its clients. Thus, it makes it much easier for the clients to meet their compliance and investment goals in a hassle-free manner.

We are having PAN India wider robust service network to deliver the best services to our clients and some of the facilities to make us different from other service providers are

  1. Secure Online Payment Options (Credit/Debit Card/Wallet or Net Banking Payment Modes)
  2. Online Document Process Tracking
  3. Courier Facility along with Pick-up option(restricted)
  4. Transparent & Flexible Fee Structure
  5. 10000+ Documents Attested
  6. 10+ Years of extensive experience
  7. Best and Qualified Trained staff

 For any questions related to MEA AttestationHRD AttestationChamber of Commerce and Embassy Attestation feel free to contact us at

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We will try to answer your query on priority and would like to serve you.

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