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Who Can Help You with the UAE Embassy Attestation in Delhi?

UAE Embassy Attestation in Delhi

Embassy legalization is an important process, which is required by everyone who needs the documents to be used in the foreign countries. Candidates who need UAE Embassy attestation services in Delhi may find it challenging to figure out the steps involved. This article will explain about this process, will show all the spheres that are interested in this process and will help you to choose correct service providers.

Getting to know the attestation requirements for the UAE Embassy

However, to discuss the details of the attestation, it is important to consider the regulations established by the UAE Embassy. Legalization is required before the document issued from India can be appear to be original in the UAE. In this regard, the UAE Embassy Attestation in Delhi has a significant function in this validation method.

Notary Public & State Authorities

On this context, document attestation process begins from local authorities such as Notary Public and State Home Departments. These bodies are engage in the initial check up in order to determine the authenticity ofdocuments. The signatures in personal documents need the Notary Public while education and commercial documents have to pass through the State Home Department.

Selecting the Right Attestation Service Provider for Attestation Point

Choosing the right service provider for the purpose of the attestation process is an important step in order to avoid stumbling blocks. Many agencies provide attestation services in UAE, but perhaps not all of them are approved or accredited by the UAE Embassy. As such, it is recommendable to aim for an agency that not only has experience but also is familiar with the UAE Embassy attestation procedures.

The Following is the Procedure of UAE Embassy Attestation

The Embassy Attestation process involves several sequential steps, each essential for the successful completion of the attestation:

  • Notary Attestation: In the initial intake of the process, verification of the personal documents that involve birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. are done by a Notary Public.
  • State Home Department: This means that the State Home Department certification of educational qualifications for persons seeking satisfactory proof of qualifications is sufficient to determine the genuineness of the certificate provided.
  • MEA Attestation: Another level of attestation is done at the national level by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to confirm their compliance with the Indian law.
  • UAE Embassy Attestation: The last process in the legalization of documents is certification by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in Delhi. This stage ensures the documents are genuine and officially acceptable for use in the UAE.

Who Bears the Cost and the Associated Timeline for Attestation Services

The costs and time taken to avail UAE Embassy attestation services also differs depending on several factors including the type of document one needs to attest, the time he or she has to complete the process, and the agency or company used to provide the attestation services. It’s essential to consider these factors when planning for attestation:

  • Cost Structure: Costs normally comprise of charges for every level of stamp such as Notary, State Home, department MEA, UAE embassy stamp. However, this is dependent on the agency to agency, hence it is prudent to consult earlier on on the charges.
  • Timelines: The period taken to get the certificate attested may reach from days to weeks only depending on the urgency which is to be opted and the capacity of the attestation service providing agency. Additional services which reach completion within a short time are also offered at an extra fee.


Transaction of UAE Embassy attestation in Delhi must be done with proper planning and understanding of the particular norms and regulations of the authorities. Selecting a proper service provider often contributes greatly towards making this task less problematic while ensuring that attestation of your documents is done properly. Given this perspective and understanding of the task and roles of the different authorities involved, such individuals can go through the process of attestation with ease.

Final Words

Attesting documents through embassy hallmark is not just a routine exercise that must be accomplished but an important procedure that serves to establish the genuineness of the document for use in any other country. To avoid any problems and complications which may come due to unauthenticated documents the process of attestation through the right channel should be followed whether it is for personal, educational or commercial purposes. To obtain attestation services from the UAE Embassy in Delhi or anywhere else in the country, service providers often need to be approached and hired for the accuracy required to complete the process.

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